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Our Why.

After brewing coffee for some time, we recognise that our philosophy of an ideal coffee is sweet, balanced & consistent coffee.

With the single roast profile approach, we design the best roast profile for every coffee that we carefully curate to showcase the hard work of coffee farmers of different origins.

That means every coffee roasted by us is our interpretation of what we think is the best representation of the coffee.

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Brew Essentials


The brew method should not stop you from enjoying our coffee

Our coffee, enjoy in your favourite method

Our Opinions.


Roast day

All our coffees are roast to order and will be roasted every Monday.
All our orders are processed and cut off every Saturday at noon; avoid long waiting times by placing your order before the weekend.

Our Refund policy

As coffee is a perishable item, we would not be able to do a refund, however, we would love to make things right by giving us the chance to make it right for you.

Just hit us up at We will contact you shortly to find out more about how can we make it better for you!

What are your payment options?

We accept credit cards, Paypal, bank transfers and Paynow service.




121A East Coard Road 428807

Coffee service

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Wholesale inquiries 

We will get in touch with you shortly!

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